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 How to have CSS Extension

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PostSubject: How to have CSS Extension   Thu Mar 26, 2009 1:31 am

Intro:Javascript Tutorial have been posted.
and now for people who are asking how to make a CSS FILE.
here how it is.

1. Log-in to your File Hosting Acc.

2.Create a Blank File / either use a notepad to paste your CSS CODE there.
3. Paste this example css code into your blank file. [Media Box Only.]


#content_14 iframe, #content_14 embed, #content_14 img{display:none!important}
.scrapbook h2{visibility:hidden!important}
#content_14, #banneradrow {display:none!important;}
.commonbox h1, .commonbox h2 {visibility:hidden!important;}

4. After you paste that code into a blank file.
*for your file hosting acc., save it as mymedia.css
*for your notepad to save, click file >> save as >> type the name of your file >> click save.

5. So after you saved it as CSS. get the direct link of your CSS.
ex. www.stormpages.com/yourname/mymedia.css

6. then Generate it wit the CSS TAG.
<link rel="stylsheet" href="YOUR CSS HERE">

.*and after you generated it.

applications are what are we using right now since codes are filtering of any boxes in friendster

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How to have CSS Extension
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